It was so close to October that Halloween was knocking at his heart.
Barry Eysman, Candles for November (via missvoodoodoll)

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fallingforoctoberandecember: Hi! Sorry to bother you but I;ve just seen you answer to one of these questions about the music to your playlist, do you mind sharing it with me even if it's still in progress? I'd love to find some cozy stuff to listen to but I'm really impatient and it is impossible for me to dig in for some real music. I swear I dont intend on stealing it and posting it on my blog and claiming it as my own, I just want some good music :)

Well, it’s just a tag! If you go to you’ll see my ‘playlist’ (: some I’ve uploaded myself and others I’ve searched up through tumblr.


Autumn blog all year round that follows back xx
Anonymous: Suggestion for your song playlist: bonfire heart - james blunt :)

Awesome! I’ll listen to it and add it if I like it (:

xohollixo: I could scroll through your page for hourss 🎃🍁😍

that’s awesome (: I’m glad you can and that you enjoy autumn so much!